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SJ Corio Company, a Rhode Island based, commercial-industrial auction and liquidation company was formed in 1983. The Company was established by Salvatore Corio, Jr. After receiving a BS degree in finance from the University of Rhode Island in 1983, Mr. Corio began liquidating manufacturing operations. In 1984, he liquidated American Watch Case, a 100,000 square foot division of the Bulova Watch Company. The marketing of this multi-million dollar sale attracted buyers from across the United States as well as the Far East and Europe. Mr. Corio then traveled to Kansas City, Missouri in 1985 to receive professional training at the nationally acclaimed Missouri Auction School. Since that time, SJ Corio Company has successfully managed hundreds of auction and liquidation sales, which have translated into over $30 million dollars in sales. These projects have been extremely diverse, ranging from heavy industrial machinery, food service operations, commercial and retail operations, to real estate. SJ Corio Company handles each sale with a high level of professionalism and service, regardless of monetary size.

Our goal is to promote each sale through a series of marketing media. SJ Corio Company’s most valuable asset, which has contributed to the high success rates at each sale has been, creative marketing techniques. The timing of our marketing materials and the placement of all advertisements are thought out carefully so that every medium will have a tremendous impact with prospective bidders. We feel that high visibility will translate into high participation at the sale. Each sale is carefully examined for the proper marketing channels. Marketing and promotion have included such media as direct mail marketing, telemarketing, creative newspaper print advertising, radio and television, video production, internet postings and email blasts.

On the day of the auction sale, we believe presentation is the key to our success. Every member of our staff recognizes the importance of first impressions. By the time the general public is allowed to view an auction site, a myriad of details have been handled, from the clean-up of the site and arrangement of each item included in the sale, coordinating the staff and demonstrating our corporate standards, to the auctioneer projecting a high level of rhythm and excitement. As the auction is in process, all sales data is carefully being entered into our on-site computer. Our on-site auction staff prepares all necessary reports for the auction buyers, as well as all detailed sale reports for the client. This continuously updated information is available to the client at any time during the sale, and is included in the final reports.

For over 30 years SJ Corio Company continues to be a professional auction, liquidation and marketing firm with the expertise and commitment to provide the utmost service to our clients and remain on the cutting edge of technology.

SJ Corio Company is a member of the Turnaround Management Association as well as the National Auctioneers Association.