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Multimedia Marketing Campaign
SJ Corio Company will develop a multimedia marketing campaign to promote the sale of the client's project. Media can include newspaper and trade publication print advertising, conventional direct mail, email blasts, radio and television. All marketing materials are created in-house and presented to the client for approval.

Informational Portal/Electronic Bid Package
SJ Corio Company will develop and host for the client a comprehensive password secure website as an informational portal for an electronic bid package. A link will be created in the client's company website for potential buyers to view the electronic bid package from any Internet connection. The website will appear seamless and consistent with the style of the client's existing site. In the event the client does not have a website a site will be created and will be accessed by a URL address provided to the client.

Secure Online Bidding
Through a secure registered user only website, online bidding can be provided. Bidder would pre-register with SJ Corio Company or the client and be issued a unique user name and password to bid online for the project.

Online Video Presentation
SJ Corio Company can produce a high definition video to be used to highlight the client project. This video will be converted and embedded into the Electronic Bid Package or duplicated for distribution in the form of a DVD. The video can include comments by the client, highlights of the properties or any other information the client deems important.

When applicable, with use of our own airplane, SJ Corio Company will capture aerial photos of the project. Images will be manipulated to highlight the subject properties and compressed to web standards. Images will be used as part of an online photo gallery in the electronic bid package.