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Attentions Restaurant owners, catering companies, the buildings are coming Down, everything must be sold! over 800 lots, restaurant equipment, pots, pans, pizza ovens, steam kettles, walk-in coolers & freezers, dishes, and so much more...

West Valley Inn
4 Blossom Street, West Warwick, RI

BIDDING OPENS: Monday, July 15, 10:00AM
BIDDING CLOSES: Lots begin to close Wednesday, July 17, Noon
Monday, July, 15, 2019 10:00AM


Partial Listing
Because the buildings are being taken down, we are selling everything inside the walls of the West Valley Inn, including all the restaurant equipment, Blodgett pizza ovens, pots, pans, the steam kettles they made the sauce and soup in, thousands of dishes in all sizes. You name it, it's in the auction. They're even selling the toilets urinals, doors, sprinkler systems, walk-in coolers & freezers, tables, chairs, office equipment, doors, hoods, Reed rotary bread oven, stock pots, chandeliers, wall sconces, beer coolers, sinks, banquet tables, shelving, hot water heaters, under-counter dishwashers, high chairs,stainless steel tables, mixers, steam boilers, slicers, fryolators, Vulcan ovens, hoods, roasting pans, stainless steel insert pans, chaffing dishes, Hobart pass through dishwasher, utensils, freezers. There's over 800 lots in the auction. DON'T MISS THIS AUCTION!

Understanding how the lots close with Online Bidding: At 12:00PM on Wednesday July 17, Lot # 1 with close. Approximately every 15 seconds the following lot will close. However, we use what is referred to as a soft-close. If someone bids on an item with less than 1 minute to the closing, the lot closing time will be extended by one minute. This is done so that a bidder is not shut out of an item by a quick last second click, like you may find on eBay or similar sites. Keep in mind that if there is no activity on the items that follow that item with less than a minute to go, those items will close.

Click the "Online Bidding Registration" link below to sign up to bid on this sale. Bidders will be required to submit the required deposit to SJ Corio Company. The link below will also allow to you to view photos of each lot in this sale. Thank you for your participation.

ONline bidding registration IS NOW OPEN, CLICK HERE

Listen to Tara Granahan talk it up

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Location Map: